Meet the Adorable ‘Home Run’ Baby Conceived After the Houston Astros’ Historic World Series Win

Meet the Adorable ‘Home Run’ Baby Conceived After the Houston Astros’ Historic World Series Win

It’s been nine months since the Houston Astros were named the 2017 Major League Baseball World Series  winners. La Porte, Texas, couple Matt and April Gamblin have been Astros fans since they were both kids.  The couple, who got married in 2006 know how it feels to wait.  For years, they waited and tried, and they tried again to get pregnant.  April Gamblin, 37, a labor and delivery nurse herself couldn’t help but wonder, Why can everyone else get pregnant and I can’t.  For some couples, getting pregnant can be as elusive as, say, winning a World Series after a century of infertility.

But sometimes miracles do happen.

With 11 years of unsuccessful fertility treatments and on their second round of ivf they got the news that they had one embryo that was able to be frozen.  But that still only gave them a 35% chance that the embryo would take when implanted.

So the date for implantation of the embryo was set for November 2, 2017.  Because Matt and April are huge sports fans of course they were watching the Houston Astros were on game 7 of the World Series, the night before implantation even though both of them knew they had a long day the next day. As soon as the Astros won the World Series their best friends called them with excitement and said the embryo’s name can be Astro.  Because with so many disappointments in this infertility journey they didn’t want to call the embryo a baby because they didn’t want to get to get their hopes up another time, it would have just made it harder if something went wrong. Nine months later in a way, after the Astros clinched their World Series birth, Matt and April clinched a birth of their own. They literally only had that one embryo to try, and, go figure, it was a home run! Because just like the Houston Astros knew winning the World Series would be a long shot, they worked hard for years and finally their dreams came true of being World Series Champions.  So since they to knew it would be a long shot to be able to have a baby of their own. They decided Astro would be a great little name for the embryo until they were far enough along to find out the gender of the baby to name him or her.  In all things, and in baseball, there are things that are out of your control.  Sometimes those things are tough, but they end up really great. That’s what happened in the World Series, and what happened for the Gamblin Family.  July 16th, 2018 at 7:03 am, 9 months after Houston Astros win their World Series Trophy and same day as the Home Run Derby.   April and Matt hit a home run of their own at Texas Children’s Hospital.  Brady "Astro" Charles Gamblin weighing in at 7 pounds 13 oz and 21 ½ inches long. The couple decided to keep with the theme of champions, he was named after the 2017 Super Bowl Champion quarterback.  But we are all pretty sure he will be called by his nickname Astro forever.  Never Settle is the Houston Astros moto this year and could never be more true for their newest fan baby Brady and parents.  

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  • Larry Gomez

    Awesome story and I am so happy for this couple. Go ’Stros!!!

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