Step Inside The Ultimate Minecraft Fan Experience

Step Inside The Ultimate Minecraft Fan Experience

Think Comic-Con – but for Minecraft fans! Minefaire, the Ultimate Minecraft Fan Experience, makes its Houston debut May 20-21, 2017 at NRG Center. Super fans of one of the most popular video games ever will arrive in costume to join gaming tournaments, learn from the world’s top Minecraft experts, meet and greet their favorite Minecraft YouTube stars and enjoy 150,000 square feet of hands-on attractions with their families. Watch the video here.

“Minefaire is all about connecting with your kids through their favorite game. We were determined to create a one-of-a-kind Minecraft experience that ensures children are building valuable learning skills as they play,” says Chad Collins, one of the fathers who founded Minefaire.

Co-Founder Gabe Young adds, “Minefaire is an opportunity for Minecraft players to connect with a live community that includes educators, YouTube celebrities and other passionate players.”

Minecraft is the second-best-selling standalone video game of all time, only outranked by Tetris, with more than 121 million copies sold, according to the game creators. Often called this generation’s “Super Mario,” Minecraft is a virtual game where you build new worlds, block by block, by mining the resources you find and crafting them into something great!

Minefaire attendees will enjoy:

Meet & Greets: With Minecraft YouTube superstars who have millions of followers.

Build Battles and Challenges: Kids and adults compete in gaming arenas.

Live Performances: Spanning four stages.

Minecraft Costume Contest: Kids and adults dress up as their favorite Minecraft characters.

Latest VR: Many virtual reality opportunities with Minecraft and other games.

Collaborative Creating: Massive LEGO mosaic of Minecraft Creeper.

Inspiration Stations: Learn from official Minecraft mentors and other experts.

Minecraft Swag: New, rare and custom Minecraft items all under one roof.

WHEN: Saturday, May 20, 2017, 10am-5pm

Sunday, May 21, 2017, 10am-5pm

WHERE: NRG Center, One NRG Park, Houston, TX 77054

All-inclusive tickets start at $79 and are FREE for kids age two and under. For more information or you can enter MOMCHAOSHOU on the site when they go the Minefaire site to purchase tickets.

Here's a direct link right to the discounted tickets as well:
Feel free to share as you please. Social media, email, etc. 
Here is also a flyer you are welcome to PRINT that has a ticket coupon on it. People can use it to purchase discount tickets in advance and at the door if tickets remain.
They also have a very special workshop geared toward educators. The workshop is a 60 minute intro to Minecraft: Education edition being led by the worldwide leading minecraft presenter, Stephen Reid from Scotland. Stephen will be supported by 8 Global Minecraft Mentors. This will be an amazing opportunity for people to find out about the educational benefits of the game. While it is geared toward educators it would be appropriate for parents to attend providing they are truly interested in learning during a hands on workshop. To encourage educators we are offering special pricing of $15 for this workshop and that allows participants to stay for the entire day and continue to enjoy the event. The special price is only for the adult participating in the workshop. This workshop will take place at 9am (prior to the general admission opening which is 10am). Participants will be expected to be there ready to learn at 9am. Guests of the workshop attendee can come with them and hang out until 10am (many kids who come to accompany adults will likely help out) but they will need a regular minefaire ticket. The guests can still use the coupon code but the special $15 pricing is limited to 50 workshop attendees each day.  Here's a link to that offer: CLICK HERE

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