A Job to earn money while loved one is sick

I don't always love skin care and its definitely not something I ever thought I would be doing.  But I know its something I can work from any where.  I know it could help tons of families in situations like when I was little or a parent of a sick child.  I am telling you right now I would lose everything I owned and wouldn't think twice about it before I ever left my sick baby.  I also know reality is that people can't do that.  I will never forget when I was in the treatment room with my best friend and her daughter that had cancer I ask her Where in the heck were these kids parents?  She said they have to work to keep insurance and they have other kids to take care of.  She said some kids had been there so long that even the price of gas and parking there is no way the parents could come everyday.  I was blown away it has been something that will stay with me forever.


17th floor is the waiting area for patients that are undergoing heart
surgery that day, it is also the waiting area that the parents sleep in
(yes they sleep in the chairs or on the floor, wherever; after a certain
time it is lights out and closed for only those families)  who have kids in
CVICU (18th floor). The room is actually the waiting room. Like any
other in the hospital.  Lights go out at a certain time and the elevators to those floors are only
accessible with badges that are signed out daily to parents of children in
CVICU.  They do not allow you to sleep in the CVICU, so they allow you to sleep in
the waiting room. Some of the chairs recline and they will give you a
blanket.  Some parents go home. Some don't sleep. Some take shifts with other family
members. Some stay in the room regardless and sleep sitting up in a chair
or don't sleep at all.  Some can can a room at the RMH on 4(but you are only guaranteed a room on
the day of the surgery - other than that you are on a wait list and you may
or may not get 1 of the 2 rooms reserved for cardiology)

You asked me once what I believed would help relieve the most stress when a
child is sick.
It would definitely be being able to take time off work without having to
worry about my mortgage and other bills.
I have been trying to find an "Aflac' type insurance that will cover my
expenses if I have to stay home to care for a sick family member.
It doesn't exist - if you find one, let me know. FMLA allows you to to stay
home to care for loved ones, but it is unpaid. So I wouldn't lose my job,
but my bills wouldn't get paid. So then I thought, what if I get an
insurance policy, like Gerber life, and when she has another surgery, I can
cash out.
Nope. Henley will never qualify for life insurance. My next thought is to
get life insurance on one of my healthy kids (or all) and then perhaps I
can cash out when Henley has surgery.
I need to talk to an agent.
This is very stressful for families. I need my job because I carry the
health insurance. I don't have Medicaid like many people do.
I need my job to pay bills. I know that it's not a matter of if she will
need surgery, but when.

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