A must read book!!!

A must read book!!!

In Hustle Believe ReceiveSarah Centrella, author of the internationally popular blog Thoughts.Stories.Life., proves that anyone, no matter where they start from, can change their life, achieve success, and live their dream.

As a single mom living on food stamps, Sarah completely changed her life from poverty to living her dream in just 18 months. Sarah discovered these tools to change her life after her husband abandoned her and their three small children in 2008. Her story has impacted hundreds of thousands worldwide, through her simple commonsense 8 step plan for achieving success known as the #HBRMethod.

The book features 52 inspiring stories of people who believe in Sarah’s message, each she personally interviewed for this book. Including: NFL star running back, Jonathan Stewart; NBA player Anthony Tolliver; famed artist Victor Matthews; Best-selling author Laura Munson; middle weight world boxing champion,Daniel Jacobs; mega CEO, Ryan Blair and Morgan Stanley Executive Director Kimberley Hatchett, among many others. HBR shows how these stories are connected and how Sarah, a single-mom from Oregon, manages to bring them all together in the most unlikely way. 

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