Beautiful Reverse Skin

Beautiful Reverse Skin

LOVE seeing so many amazing results!!! I had to share what consultant Erin Swink said!

"As embarrassing as this is, I had to share it. Last night I was scrolling through old pictures on my phone and came across the one of the left. It's been about 1 year since I started using these products, and I don't even recognize my skin. My melasma/sun damage was awful last summer, and the difference in my skin now is unreal. I no longer wear any foundation at all. In fact, in our professional head shots from convention (on the right), I had nothing on my face but our mineral peptides, which is a very light coverage powder. And the picture is completely unedited. I know this for a fact because when I took the picture, I had a small bump on my face. I asked if they would edit it out, and the girl said "sorry, we don't do any editing". So, that's truly my skin! I used the reverse regimen/accelerator pack for about 6 months to get rid of my dark spots. Since then, I've been using the unblemish regimen to keep my face clear."

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