Disney refill mugs

1) All mugs have a RFID chip in them, which allows the soda machines to identify the mug.  The RFID chip is activated when you pay for the mug at the counter; if you are on one of the Disney Dining Plans then the mug is included in your package.  Simply  tell the person at the counter that you would like to redeem your free mug on the dining plan.

2) If you are not on the Disney Dining plan you can still purchase a mug, but it will cost $17.99 for each mug.  If you do not want to activate the mug for your entire stay, you do have the option to activate it for only one day ($8.99), two days ($11.99) or three days ($14.99) of your stay.  The mug is yours once you purchase it, but if you want to save a few dollars or you only want it as a souvenir, then this is a great way to go.  Please note that these plans are for consecutive days of use.

3) Guests are entitled to unlimited free refills on fountain drinks, coffee, hot chocolate and tea from self-service beverage locations at Walt Disney World resorts for the  length of their stay.You cannot fill your mug with milk, fruit juices, (sold separately) or alcoholic drinks. You cannot save your mug, take it home with you and then expect to bring it back for your next stay and be able to refill it. It DOES NOT work like that! The RFID chip will no longer be recognized.

4) You can take your mug into the parks, but you cannot get your mug filled for FREE like at your resort.  However, you can often get kiosks to fill your refillable mug with ice water.  Also you can refill your mug at other resorts, so feel free to take your mug with you if you plan on eating at one of the quick service locations at another resort.


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