Earn Money By Simply Taking  A Photo Of Your Receipt

Earn Money -

Earn Money By Simply Taking A Photo Of Your Receipt

The GetUpside App is Legit and it Really Allows You To Earn Cash Back

GetUpside is an app that is designed to offer you cash back whenever you gas up at certain stations, do your grocery shopping at certain stores, or dine at certain restaurants.

The app is legit, I personaly use it myself and so far I've earned $64.19 as it really delivers on its promise. It really lets you earn cash back whenever you take up an offer then make a purchase.

Paying by cash won’t be considered a valid purchase. So something to keep in mind.

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Use code NATALIE3738 and it gets you a extra $0.15/ per gallon. 

How Do You Earn Money with the GetUpside App?

The main way for you to earn some money with the GetUpside app is by earning cash backs on your purchases. The app will provide several offers that you can use in a particular store.

Once you have used that offer in the store, you will earn some cash backs. The cash backs you earn can be withdrawn via PayPal or exchanged for gift cards.

To be a member, you will just need to download the app, which is available in both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and register to be a member.

This is free and easy to do so, and won’t require a lot of your time. It is important to note, though, that this app is only available in the U.S. and that it only serves certain areas.

The first way to earn cash back is by gassing up at the more than 1,000 gas stations in the area. You can expect to earn up to $0.25 per gallon of gas. The amount of cash back you can get will likely depend on the offer that the app will have.

Another way to earn cash back is shopping at grocery stores that GetUpside has partnered with. You can expect to earn up to 15% cash back when you do your groceries. Again this will depend on the kind of offer available.

Lastly, you can earn cash back by up to 35% whenever you dine at restaurants. The amount of cash back you earn will depend on the available offer.

Now, it is important that you first grab the offer that the app has before making your purchase, as the offer will be your ticket to getting the cash back.

It will contain the details on how much you will earn and in what store you should you be spending it at. It’s also important that you pay in either credit or debit card when you make your purchase.

After making a purchase, you just need to upload the receipt on the app so GetUpside can verify that you really made the purchase when you grabbed an offer.

Offers have a time limit, and you will only have 4 hours to use them after you grab it. You are also only limited to 50 gallons of gas per offer and two grocery cash back receipt per week.



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