How to win the battle with our Adhd child.

First thing is you are not alone in this battle. There is no magic pill to fix this and honestly you probably would hate it. Because there is a lot of beauty that comes from all the chaos. I am sure he is very creative and when you find something he is interested in he can be freakish about how much he knows about it huh? Everyone tries to put them in the "normal box" But really "normal" is boring. I am so tired of putting my energy into these teachers not understanding what he has and how adhd works. More then medicine is little tips and tricks I have learned along the way. Velcro (only one strip lol) under their desk or on a notebook to pick on, wobble chair, bouncy band, worry buddy. And the all time best is the way we approach them Always ask yourself What is your goal? Say its putting on a jacket. Because its 30 outside so he has to wear a jacket. But its early in the morning and he doesn't want to wear a jacket. And I know you stand back and think omg really here we go War 1 before 7am lol. But next time try this as soon as it starts What is my goal? for him to wear a jacket. OK I can do this lol. Son do you want to wear this red jacket or this blue one? He will turn around pick the color one he wants. He know feels like he was in control. But honestly you win without him ever knowing it. Because you got him to wear a jacket. ha ha. Super weird how our Adhd brains work but for us we are not in control with alot of our thinking all day. So to make him feel in control works for him and you. WIN WIN. I hope this helps.

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