Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft Birthday Party

This year my son turned 9 years old and of course he went the minecraft theme.  Yes he is a true lover of all things minecraft lol.  So once he decided the theme I started planning.  Birthday Parties always seem to be so super crazy busy for the parents throwing the party.  So this year I knew I wanted to do as much as I could to prepare for the day so I could sit back and enjoy watching the fun of the day.   So first I started off with all of these over the top amazing ideas and of course ran out of time for most of them ha.  So I am going to share with you my ideas for the party and what I did to make this party a blast.  So first was the invites.  My first idea was to make little TNT boxes with little party poppers on the inside that had the invite info on them.  I thought omg how cool a kid would think it was to get a box and party popper for a invite right? 

Minecraft party poppers

So when I stared to make these amazing invites I soon realized they were taking me way longer then I had expected.  So I decided to just let them be decoration and the goodies for the party.  Since at this point I just need to invite people and let them know that the party was next weekend.  So I quickly  made this fun invite and sent it out.

So I decided to make a minecraft meal for the kids.  My son and I made a crafting table (which is something in the game I had no idea about but my son came up with this idea) so it let the kids know what their meals were crafted with.  We put pumpkins, apples, carrots, crepper, gold and cooked chicken (yes that is what they call it in the game lol)  For drinks we had crepper juice.  Also my favorite thing I did this year was make ahead all the kids meals.  It made the party go so smooth.  I had originally went to buy boxes for the meals but they were more expensive then the Tupperware.  I figured I could wash them and use them for the next party so great investment.   

Minecraft crafting kids meal

Minecraft creeper juice

I also printed his name in minecraft letters for decoration.  Then I took green forks and drew creeper face on them.  This took a long time because I didn't notice I got forks with little grooves on them but the kids loved them.  For the adults I made yummy meatball subs and boudin dip. Also served chips and adult drinks.

Minecraft green creeper forks

Minecraft grass blocks

I made rice crispy treats with green icing for the grass. 


This was our TNT explosion the kids loved this. It was just a 2 littler diet coke and we dropped mentos mints into it.  

TNT Birthday Cake

His cake was awesome all the kids loved it.  I bought sparkler candles so it looked like it was real TNT.  Over all this Minecraft party was a complete BLAST.

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