Science behind grape juice and the stomach virus

Science behind grape juice and the stomach virus

The science behind this grape juice thing in order to prevent yourself from getting the stomach virus after you know you have been exposed (taking care of a sick person, being around someone that was sick, etc) you need to start drinking 100% Grape Juice , no sugar added, right away BEFORE any symptoms appear. If you are having symptoms then it is too late and DO NOT drink the grape juice or you will be puking purple and it won’t be pretty!

Drink the grape juice three times a day for a few days after being exposed.   The grape juice works by changing the pH in your intestinal tract so that the virus can’t multiply. It also harbors various strong anti-viral chemicals in it. Along with the Vitamin C and anti-oxidants in the juice, it’s supposed to flush and kill the virus and/or severely lesson the symptoms. When you get a stomach virus, it actually isn’t in your stomach, it’s all in your large and small intestines. The effects of what it’s doing to those makes you sick to your stomach (changing the acidity in your stomach). Keeping the pH of the intestines slightly more alkaline is supposed to stop the virus from taking hold and thus making you sick.

So next time you are around someone with the stomach virus start drinking grape juice!   Even if you don't believe this will help you not get the virus, my thoughts are what can drinking a little grape juice hurt?  My family has done this for years and it has worked for us.  So we are going to just continue drinking our grape juice when one of gets the stomach virus.


  • Penny Fletcher

    Does white grape juice work as well?

  • Jeannie

    How much and how often?

  • Smedley Dolittle

    Makes sense to me. Grew up in a house with at least 13people in the house most of the time. We all loved grape juice, just couldn’t afford it all the time. That,s why they call it the rotovirus, because it goes around and around and it comes out there and there and everywhere! 😖😱😨😵😩😠😷

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