Why do so many people play the lottery?  The reason is simple really. It's not all about the money, it's about the possibility to live the life you dreamed of as child. As a child you are encouraged to dream big. Life can be anything you want, the world is your playground. Then for some reason as we grow up we let the world beat "reality" into our brain and build the walls of our "box".  The dreams we have as a child are often the core of what we truly love in life, they hold the key to our passion.  Winning the lottery allows us the freedom again to imagine our dream life. The life we would live with no restraints of reality holding us back really start to become very clear.

Increase Your Odds of Winning the Lottery

So three years ago I won the lottery, although it might not be the lottery you are thinking of.  I started a business with an amazing skin care company.  I bought my business because I had the lottery dream. The "what if my life could one day look like my lottery life?"  What I have learned is when many people start their own business, they think it's a lot like the lottery.  I am sure you are wondering what I mean by that.  What I mean is, I see people all the time buy a business kit, then sit back and wait to see if they won the RF lottery.  Then when they realize they didn't win, they think, "Aww man this business was just not for me, I must not have what it takes to do this business".  That is where they are wrong! Everyone has what it takes to do this business and make their "lottery life" come true.  The difference is that it is actually not a lottery ticket they are buying, its a business, and owning your own business takes work.  So really it all depends on what your "lottery life" looks like.  Why you wanted to buy that RF lottery ticket... I mean RF business kit.  Was it to become rich? Was it the power to change the world?  Was it the freedom to live your life the way you wanted?  Was it to buy that pair of shoes you have been wanting that are way over priced knowing they would look so good on you?  Was it to have something of your own to be proud of? Was it to make it so your family didn't have to live paycheck to paycheck?  It all depends on your "why".

All of our "lottery dreams" look different, but I am sure all of them don't include dreaming of more time at your office. It's good to have a "lottery dream", it means you want more, more for yourself and more for your family, and that's awesome!  If you want to be rich you can certainly do it in this business.  Is it going to be easy? No, of course not. Because anything worth having doesn't come easy, but it is possible.  For me, my first "lottery purchase" would have been a pool. My hubby said if I made enough money to cover the note we could get one.  So of course I was all over it.  My first month of business I well over exceeded what I would need for a pool note and I was shocked.  So we decided to put off the pool for right then because we found a really nice used truck to upgrade my hubby to because now we had the extra income to pay towards it.  The second month, I got paid and we decided to take a vacation to Kansas.  This was our first vacation we went on that we actually had the finances to cover the whole vacation before we went.  Oh you know what I mean, most of you just put on your credit card and pay for it later.  So it kind of kept going like that for 2 years, using my paychecks to pay off bills and fix the things we had been putting off forever.  Getting the house remodeled, more vacations and so on. instead of using it for a pool. Remember my original "why"... ha. 

Well I am happy to say this year not only did we just get a hole in the ground with water in it, but we got our dream pool.  The one we dreamed in our "lottery dream".  That's when I knew things had changed, it was no longer about being able to buy something.  It was about the time it has given me and my family.  So the reason that I think I won the RF lottery is not because I have become rich with money.  It's because it has made me rich with things in my life you can not even begin to put a price on.  I get to be home everyday with my family. During the week I have the freedom to do whatever I want to do.  Sit at the beach and watch the waves roll in, have date days with my hubby, lunch with friends and build my foundation.  I don't miss anything my kids are involved in.  I am at every practice, game and recital.  I get to take them and pick them up from school, eat lunch with them and never miss the boring holiday parties.  When one of the kids decide at 3:34am to start throwing up everywhere, there is no worries of how many sick days I have left or what should I tell my boss this time.  It's just give them love, then hope and pray it stops soon and becomes a take a nap kind of day.  I have to do all the shopping, who I am kidding, I get to do all the shopping.  I am not really sure the last time my hubby went and bought his own stuff.  Honestly, I like it that way.  I love to be able to spoil him, he works very hard, so I try and make it so that when he gets off work all he has to do is enjoy time with us.  I am not saying he is lazy when he gets home, I am just saying he chooses what he wants to do.  He loves projects so usually he is working on one.  We don't have to worry if we have money to pay a bill or all the stress that money can bring to a marriage.  We have gone on many vacations; Key West, Tennessee, Destin, Duck Dynasty, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and many more. We started a bucket list challenge and  I got to meet all time favorite artist, Aaron Lewis.  Last month we were able to buy my hubby his first brand new truck.  Next on our list of big goals is to pay off our house, we now only have seven more years we owe on it.  Before we could do any of this, my hubby would have to work overtime so we could have the extra money to do the fun stuff.  But now he gets to pass on overtime and spend that time with us.  Just this weekend he was up for overtime but he chose to give it away to someone who needed it.  instead he went hunting with our son and my dad.  Our son got his first pig, and because he was able to turn down that overtime, he was able to be there and make a memory that none of them will ever forget. PRICELESS!

Yes, all of the amazing things we have been able to do are not crazy, OMG, out of this world things.  But to us it's so much more.  It's about TIME, because time is the one thing you can't buy more of.  Time doesn't stop for anyone, and no one knows what tomorrow will bring.  All you are guaranteed is right now and this very moment.  I don't want to wait and put off time with my family because I want to live in the now. To you it might sound crazy, but every night my kids sleep in our bed and still the first thing I think of in the morning is wow, I wish I had more time to watch them sleep.  We are enjoying the now because the reality is that they are not going to sleep in our bed with us forever.  They are going to grow up and start building their "lottery life".  Our house is not a perfect staged looking home.  It may sound crazy, but we actually live it in.  We make messes, we play, we stay up too late sometimes and Lord knows we don't have all the laundry done.  But to us that's ok because we know that when that day comes and this chapter ends,  we will embrace the next one.  We will have no regrets, only great memories of the time we spent living in the now.  So to us, we have won the "lottery."  Our "lottery" paid us TIME, not money.  The richest person in the cemetery is not the one with the most money, it's the person who used up every moment of their life really living. Don't let not winning the powerball stop you from living your "lottery life."


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